Friday, January 9, 2009

And the Pigs Fly

Barack Obama said something I actually agree with.

Just now in a press conference regarding cabinet posts, he mentioned at the end that he believes we need a college football playoff instead of the BCS bowl system.

Look! There goes a pig over my house right now.

My Ole Miss Rebels finished the year at #14 on the AP poll. Not bad for a team that didn't win a single conference game last year.

Oh, and by the way...That new national college football champion that won last night? What's their name?....the Florida Gators?

Ole Miss beat them this year. On the Gators own field. In the swamp, baby.

Hotty Toddy!


The Wine Commonsewer said...

Two things,

How is college football customs and rules a concern of the federal government?

I like the bowl system.

Part of the reason I lost interest in sports is because of the BS.

In my day there were 10 AL teams and 10 NL teams and the team with the best record in each league was the winner and went to the World Series.

In my day, there was the Pac 8 and the best team played in the Rosebowl against the best of the Big 10. Oh wait, I guess not too much has changed there except the number of teams.

That's how it ought to remain.

The Wine Commonsewer said...

And the other thing is, that everybody knows who the best team is. Don't need no round robin bunch of dam playoffs to crown the college champs.

People might argue over beers and they are relentlessly loyal to their team, but deep down, every hard core football fan knows what team was the best in any given year.

The Captain said...

I say let 15 bowls bid on hosting playoff games and the championship game. The playoffs can be played over 3 weeks in December with the championship game on Jan 1 like God intended.

The universities will get more money and the also-ran bowls can still offer showcases for the remaining 6 and 5 teams.

The Captain

PS: Go Huskies! (UW, not UCon)

Chatelaine said...

"How is college football customs and rules a concern of the federal government?"

I don't know, Twc. I was totally baffled when I heard him all of a sudden bring it up at the end of the press conference. I think he must be a Utah fan because he said something about the undefeated team should be #1.

Obama and Utah...who'da thunk it?