Friday, January 16, 2009

Warm, Snuggly, and Comforting Things for When It's Cold, Dark, and 14 Degrees Outside

- Warm vegetables smothered in cheese sauce

- A nice glass of pinot noir

- A big snuggly velour blankie on the sofa

- Glowing candles in the fireplace (instead of a fire, because the fireplace doesn't work right)

- A couple of cats curled up on pillows

- Pink fuzzy socks on my feet

- Flannel jammies just pulled from a hot clothes dryer and toasty warm on my skin

- A heated mattress warmer turned on and heating up the bed for when I go jump in it later

- A book to read

- A phone call from the Captain before I fall asleep


The Wine Commonsewer said...

82 degrees here today. Sleeping with the windows open to soft breezes. Nanny. :-)

I'm with you on the list except the cheese sauce and the heating pad. And I think you must have meant a nice BOTTLE of pinot noir.

Cold nights need piles of blankets and down quilts to snuggle down into. Electric blankets spoil all of that.

Chatelaine said...

No, no...not an electric blanket, but a heated mattress cover. It is in between the mattress and the linens, and it heats up. Trust me, no amount of blankets have the sheets warm for you before you get into the bed, not when it's 14 degrees outside. I hate cold sheets in the winter time. But I do turn the electric mattress cover off before I go to sleep. It gets TOO warm eventually.

A whole bottle of wine would have me passed out. But the cheese sauce was yummy.

Col. Hogan said...

14 degrees? C or F? I haven't seen 14 degrees F in thirty-five years!

TWC said...

A whole bottle of wine would have me passed out.

In the words of my Italian client:

What good Italian can't drink a bottle of wine in an evening. It's only four glasses.

Maybe you just need to share that bottle.

I hate cold sheets in the winter time.

There's a cure for that, but he's in Moses Lake.

Chatelaine said...

14 degrees Fahrenheit, Col Hogan. It's been darn cold the past few days here. No snow or anything, just frigid cold. Of course, my co-workers in Minnesota and Wisconsin laughed at me. They've got 25 below.

Chatelaine said...

"Maybe you just need to share that bottle"

That's exactly what I'm missing, Twc. Someone to share the wine with and warm up the bed for me :)

TWC said...

But the cheese sauce was yummy.

I suspect that if anyone could make cheese sauce palatable, it would be you, LC. :-)

Someone to share the wine with

I, OTOH, do not need anyone to share the wine with. No wine turns to vinegar in this house.

Planted a peach tree yesterday. It's still chilly at night and our lovely weather will vanish one day.

Janie said...

Stay warm, chica!