Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome to the blog of Chatelaine and the Captain. We promise not to be too sappy now that we're engaged and all that love stuff.

Actually, we'll probably be just like we've always been separately. Me with the broody moments, occasional rants, snarky comments, football and music talk. The Captain (new name for him) with his historical trivia, political banter, and goofy puns. (He's so cute when he does that.)

Anything could happen though. Never know what's going to be on our minds. So no promises or limitations.


Miguel de las Casa de las Rocas Grandes said...

Sort of like the Captain and Toenail?

Saw those guys up in the Valley after the big hit but when they were still under contract to the club. You couldn't get in the place.

Click my name.

Not what you thought it would be, eh?

TWC said...

Gotta love you guys for listing TWC first. Love it.

Chatelaine said...

"Sort of like the Captain and Toenail"

Totally knew that one was coming.

I sort of figured it would be this one, though. I remember watching them on TV when I was about your House Blonde's age. I still think they're cool. Still together too. I really like that.

Chatelaine said...

Of course you'd be first, TWC. You're the one who hooked us up :)

Janie said...

TWC - well, #2 always tries harder!

Chatelaine, Captain - welcome to the blogosphere! Glad y'all included me!

May you live long and prosper together!

Chatelaine said...

Thanks, Janie. We're very glad you'll be checking in on us.

TWC said...

Totally knew that one was coming.

Mr Predictable. :-)