Friday, February 20, 2009

So what am I doing lately?

After two solid weeks of being chained to my desk and computer for work, here's what is on the docket for now:

- I had my two upper wisdom teeth extracted on Monday. Ugh. I have good drugs, although I don't need them much anymore. But really, I am SO sick of soup and ice cream. I'd love some crunchy, spicy nachos about now.

- I've been registering for gifts - Target, Dillards, JC Penney, and a little gift shop here that is a local bridal tradition. I don't think we really need a lot of gifts, but my Mom and my friends say I should register even if I am an older bride.

- Been looking at lots of dresses and plan to visit a bridal salon next week maybe.

- Been looking at cakes. I'm thinking of something that looks pretty traditional, with a butter cream frosting, but has autumn spice cake inside with a hazelnut filling. The Captain and I want a nice big cake. We're going to spend a little extra on that.

- Flowers. I've been a little troubled with choosing a florist. My next door neighbor runs the oldest florist in town, and our families have been friends for years and years. My father says I can't snub them, but I'd really like to use the florist that is sister to the caterer I plan on using for the reception. So I've been struggling with what to do. However, in my drug induced fog this past Monday afternoon, I came up with a brilliant idea while talking to the Captain on the phone. I'll use the family-friend florist for the chapel and my bouquet and use the caterer's sister for the reception venue. I don't know why this didn't occur to me before. Yep, hydrocodone can be really awesome sometimes!

- We're not going to have bridesmaids or groomsmen because the chapel is so small, but my nieces are going to be the hostesses at the reception. They'll sort of greet and direct the guests, talk to the caterers, and just generally help me so that I won't be stressed and tending to business during the entire reception.

As for the Captain, his computer is still broken, but it's not really his focus right now. This week he's ripping carpet out of the hallway and stairway and is going to refinish the hardwood floor underneath. He is planning on coming here around the second week of March. I miss him. I really need to see him. And I totally need a back and shoulder rub. He's got good hands.


Col. Hogan said...


Do not mash the cake into your new hubby's face! That's been kind of a standard ultra low-class stunt I've seen many more times than is necessary.

No, it's never happened to me, but if it had, I'd have walked straight to a lawyer to get the marriage annulled.

Not that I love the institution of marriage all that much, but if you're gonna do it, make it a dignified, as well as thoroughly enjoyable event.

The Wine Commonsewer said...

Tell The Capitain not to put too much dinero into the casa as the market won't support it. Every buyer plans to low ball him anyway.

Hey, unsolicited advice is worth about what it costs. :-)

but it's not really his focus right now

Oh-mi-gawd. You aren't going to make me pick up the phone. Are you?

Chatelaine said...

Oh, Col, you don't have to worry. The Captain and I both feel the same way about the smashing cake thing. We both think it's disrespectful and undignified, not to mention just plain tacky and disrespectful of one's guests too.

Chatelaine said...

Twc, I will pass along your advice. I think it's good advice. Most of the work are things that he can do himself. Evidently there's about 15 years of accumulated "junk" to sort through too. I think that's the real time stealer.

Pick up the phone, dude! He has a new number, though. I'll send it to you.