Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm kind of on an Elvis Kick today

Just made myself a new ipod playlist for the day. The Captain has gone back to Washington, and I'm going to be doing some big time spring cleaning today.

One of the very first things the Captain and I did together when he was here early last fall was visit Graceland. We sort of think of that as our first date. I love Elvis, always have. But growing up right between Memphis and Tupelo, he was always sort of like family or a neighbor or something. We aren't as fanatic about him around here like some of his fans who make the pilgrimage from all over the world to his home every year. We love him, but we love him like a brother.

Anyway, other than him singing his American trilogy, this is my favorite Elvis song.

He's still the best male singer ever.


Col. Hogan said...

If you were still on facebook, you'd know that of my favorite five albums, one is an early Elvis Presley. I tend to like his early stuff--his reworkings of old blues songe which were never heard up north until Elvis made them nationally popular.

Besides, back then it was cool to like entertainers that scared adults.


The Captain said...

My song for my fair Chatelaine.

click on my name

Chatelaine said...

"back then it was cool to like entertainers that scared adults."

It's hard for me to believe that Elvis ever scared anyone, Col, but I've heard all about how he did. I think my parents were used to him by the time I came along, though. I guess I scared them with the likes of the Ramones or Motley Crue.

Chatelaine said...

I like that one too, my Captain :)

especially that live version.

The Wine Commonsewer said...

I think Chatalaina needs to return to Facebook.

I was dating a girl named Linda, who also went by the name of Choo Choo Cherry--it's a long story, who was still absolutely nuts for her ex (and seeing him from time to time). She seemed to think that your tune de jour was her theme song.

I cannot ever hear that song without thinking of Linda and how we got into at Paige's one night. I was so angry I left her there. Later that night she wrote F - - K YOU MIKE in my front lawn with rock salt (it kills the grass). I knew it was her because she also signed her initials. She was very clever, both signing her art work and making it impossible to read it. You couldn't see her initials unless you got up on the garage roof.

I always figured Paige drove her over and helped. He recently denied this. I figure after this many years he'd have no reason to lie about it. [shrugs]

Please come back to FB and join is in our crusade. I will introduce you to some people over there that are more crazed than you are. Politically speaking that is.

TWC said...

To me, it was very sad that Elvis ended up dressing like Liberace on stage. I know he was handled and manipulated but Jesus Chrysler it seemed so demeaning.

Chatelaine said...

Ok, Ok....I'm back over there now. Don't go salting my lawn or anything. I'll see what's up over there with y'all ;-)