Sunday, May 31, 2009

Anyone else feel this flexible on a Sunday morning?

Maybe Saturday night, after a few glasses of wine, but not on a Sunday morning. Although, when I was about 10 or 12 years old and competing in gymnastics, I could pull that move they're showing at the 1:34 mark. I wish I could do it now. Bet the Captain wishes I could too :-)

The action starts about the 1:20 mark if you're impatient.


The Captain said...

That sure made me crave some solid potato salad.

smartass sob said...

Flexible on a Sunday morning? Hell, some of those moves after the 1:20 mark hurt like hell just to watch! ;-)


Chatelaine said...

Lol! Cap, I think they were saying, "Salad, potato salad. I think they just say their "a" funny, though.

But if you want potato salad, I'll take care of that for you ;-)

Chatelaine said...

Smartass, I have to say that my back did feel kind of wrenched up after watching that. I wonder where they found those girls. Probably some European circus family or something.