Sunday, May 3, 2009

Monica Lewinsky, eat your heart out


Janie at Sounding Forth said... crack me up!

Have a great week!!

Col. Hogan said...

.....And Barney Frank toddling along not too far behind. (Heh, heh,heh! He said behind!)


smartass sob said...

Pretty funny. I wonder who, er...what Monica is doing these days. ;-)


Chatelaine said...

Smartass, I suspect poor Monica is keeping a deliberately low profile. She was pretty young and made a very bad decision. Her life is ruined for it. She'll always be known for one thing.

I think I'd be changing my hair, having some surgery, and changing my name if I were her.

Chatelaine said...

"Heh, heh,heh! He said behind!"Lol! And that dandy guy...whats-his-name....the one with the floofy hair. Rangel!

Chatelaine said...

You have a good week, too, Janie. I hope your bed doesn't collapse anymore ;-)