Saturday, June 13, 2009

The IRS Wants Your Cell Phone for Taxing

Not surprising at all. Next on the list is probably a tax for company issued uniforms as a clothing gift tax.

Wallet Pop Blog: IRS To Tax Work Cell Phones

I hope these people have nightmares for the rest of their lives. I hope they never get a good night sleep. I hope they have horrible visions of terror and wake up crying like a little girl.

I know I sure do these days. Last night I dreamed that the only job I could find was working for the government in an underground holding facility for bloggers that insulted Obama. All my blog and Facebook friends were prisoners there, and they were stalking me and trying to hurt me, because, surprisingly, I wasn't a prisoner....yet.


TWC said...

IRS is a little late to the party on this attempt to enforce a rule that was implemented 20 years ago when cell phones looked like Army field phones from Korea and the service cost $800.00 a month.

In theory, personal use of business phones = taxable income. But this is surely absurd on its face as the cell phone is issued to the employee as a convenience to the employer and modern plans all offer completely free night-time and weekend calls.

Chatelaine said...

I guess what's got me pissed off is that this government's goal is to tax every single thing we have, in effort to make sure that no one has anything that everyone else doesn't have as well. No perks or extra pay for anyone, even if it's earned and deserved. No rewards, no happiness, no joy. Just plain, gray, bread and water communist misery.