Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Limericks "R" Us

Since May 2007, I have been involved in a grand project that is attempting to rewrite the dictionary, giving every word a definition in the form of a limerick. Although we have over 55,000 approved limericks, the going is slow. Going through words alphabetically, currently we are working on words starting with A through Dh. The project is called The Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form or OEDILF.

Since my Lady Chatelaine mentioned my limerick writing in an earlier posting, I thought I would share a few of my more political efforts. An enbolded word is the word being defined in the limerick.

Your faith in Obama's delusive
'Cause your grasp of the facts is elusive.
He's expanding the war,
And he spends three times more
Than George Bush who was power abusive.

He audaciously promised us hope,
With his voluble claims and grand scope.
B. O.'s smooth as can be
With his charlatanry,
But how long with this fraud can we cope?

B.O. loves his own voice, that is clear.
Spouting platitudes, calming our fear.
Demagogism can't
Solve our problems. We shan't
Spend our way out of bankruptcy, hear?

And finally, as a general warning against where we are headed:

As prescribed by the communist creed,
When rewards are based solely on need,
Then from each per ability
Breeds sloth and futility.
The motive is gone to succeed.

Click on the title if you can't get enough of five-lined poetry in anapest meter.
The Cap'n


Chatelaine said...

Anything written to make fun of BO is a good thing in my book. A+++, my Captain :)

Col. Hogan said...

While I'm not a poet in any wise, and find it difficult to imagine a limerick that doesn't contain the word "Nantucket," I certainly can enjoy a good one! I think yours are the first timely political limericks I've read.


It brings to mind a scene from the movie, "Swashbuckler," in which characters played by Robert Shaw and James Earl Jones, while being chased by the guber's soldiers, try to outdo each other inventing limericks. 'Twas a fun scene.

The Captain said...

Thank you, Col.
It ain't a talent that pays well, but I can write limerick on almost any subject in a few minutes.

The Cap'n