Friday, June 19, 2009

Tell you, people, that it's home sweet home

This song has been in my head all yesterday and last night. I love the feeling of it. I really hope the era is not completely gone by.


TWC said...

Thought Waylon was from Phoenix....

I like a little Waylon now and again.

Col. Hogan said...

Oddly, I have never heard that song before now. There are other America songs I like better.

You oughta be at TWC's house on Independence Day when he cranks up the Sousa!

TWC said...

Ah, Col, you make me weepy for the old days. Always fun to do Sousa with the fireworks.

They were always much better over at the former Little Blue House by the Lake because the fireworks were so close in (and there was no Lola).

One year I blew out the speakers trying to drown out some hip hop ass hat with his car speakers throbbing like John Holmes you-know-what.

Big Sigh. Time shifts on.

Gonna pick up some illegal-in-Cali sparklers in Nevada for the 4th, which we shall celebrate in Tucson with the twinlaws.

Sometimes I wonder if we could ever do one last 4th of July Bash and get everyone who ever came to show up (or even half of them). I think you can never go home again.

Chatelaine said...

Ewww! John Holmes...scary.

I would love to attend one of the infamous Independence Day extravaganzas at TWC's.

I don't believe that saying about never going home again, TWC. I might be a little different now and see things differently, but it's still home, and it's good.

I usually love Independence Day, but this year (and for the past several years) it seems kind of fake, considering how far off the track we've gotten.