Thursday, July 2, 2009

And now it's July

I'm sorry I'm not around much lately. There are quite a few things going on.

But then again, not really much going on at all.

I guess it's kind of psychological and emotional things that are going on. I'm fine, nothing truly wrong, but there is something bothering me. I can't really talk about it on the internet, though. And no, the Captain and I did not break up or anything, so don't trip.

However, it is now July. The summer is just ticking away. Like that old REO Speedwagon song said..."Peeling the years away, and we can't relive it."

I like Independence Day. I don't like being alone for it, though. It's a pretty lonely day if you're not picnicking or boating or something. I'll probably stay inside, stay cool, work on my latest household project, which is my magazine and scrapbook project. I have about 10-15 years of magazine clippings, recipes, decorating pictures and articles that I'm scanning into my computer. I've been collecting these things for years, and I'm tired of the paper, and they're easier to find when sorted and organized in a computer file. Plus, the Captain will need some cabinet and closet space in the home-office room.

I'm such a geek.

Here's something I found of interest. It's the proper etiquette for flying and displaying the United States flag. I like to have a flag hanging from my front porch in the summer. It's such a nice sign of the season for me. It looks nice with the red brick, white columns, and green grass. Plus, I've always loved our flag. I'm just a patriotic girl, I guess.

There's a full moon coming up on July 7th. It's the Full Buck Moon. Bucks begin to grow new antlers at this time. The July full moon used to be known as the Thunder Moon, because thunderstorms are known to flare up during the summer a lot. However, the moon will probably look full as early as July 4th, so that will be nice for the people outside watching fireworks. We do usually have a good little fireworks display at the country club I live on. I should be able to drag a lawn chair right out of my backyard and on to the fairway, and there'll be a spectacular view. I haven't heard anything about it this year, though, so I hope they're still having it. This town is having some hard economic times these days.

"When the heat like a mist veil floats,
And poppies flame in the rye,
And the silver note in the streamlet’s throat
Has softened almost to a sigh.
It is July."

- Susan Hartley Swett (1860–1907)


smartass sob said...

It's a pretty lonely day if you're not picnicking or boating or something.

No, it's no fun spending holidays alone, not doing anything to celebrate. Didn't you have some sort of big barbecue last year with your family? You couldn't do something like that this year?

However, it is now July. The summer is just ticking away.

Let it. I'm so tired of the heat - high 90's every day for a month and no rain since back the first part of May. They got some all around me this week, but I got nary a drop. Hope it doesn't stress my pines


Chatelaine said...

We did do a big deal last year, sort of combined it with a party for my nephew leaving for marine boot camp the following Monday. This year everyone is sort of doing their own thing or something. It's ok, though. I'm happy about really getting to work on my scrapbook scanning project.

I've got no problem with letting the summer go. I hate the heat too. I guess I just can't believe it's July already. Seems like it was just April a couple weeks ago.

We need some rain too. My marigolds and calla lillies are burning up.

The Wine Commonsewer said...

You gotta water those marigolds.....


We saw more rain from the Utah border on I-70 to Denver in one day than we've seen on five years. I'm normally partial to back roads but we had to get to the wedding. But, I'm gonna tell you what.....that was one stretch of interstate that is gorgeous.

We're in Tucson now, everybody but me is in the pool.

Bought a bunch of real fireworks from some Indians in New Mexico. Not sure they're legal here but we'll see. M-80's, bottle rockets, roman candles, and some Disney style stuff.

Chatelaine said...

I'm watering them, Twc! But they're still looking brownish-grayish on the leaves :-(

Be careful with those fireworks...sound a little scary to me.

There's a little corner of interstate 10 in New Mexico that I remember being very pretty. I think it was 10. Drove through there with some rain in the distance ahead of me one time. The sky was gorgeous, all pink and gray with some fantastic light. I swear it sparkled. Went right into a hellacious storm, though, and had to dash off the road to a Motel 6. It was some scary driving.

Driving through the desert is exciting to me. Don't know why, but I always get a little wired and energetic.

TWC said...

came out of the back side of the petrified forest and drove a dark desert highway for two hours without seeing another car. Spooky.

Chatelaine said...


Sounds cool to me. Can get deep inside you own head when totally alone in the desert like that.