Thursday, July 30, 2009

Son of a..... !

I finally make it up here on this boating trip, all excited about nice breezy days on Puget Sound and getting away from the oppressive Mississippi heat, and wouldn't you know it?

Seattle and the Pacific Northwest having their hottest temperatures EVER.

I swear I am cursed or something.

Yesterday was miserably hot in Oak Harbor, and very few places here have air conditioning, but today we are finally sailing out, so it should be cooler out on the water. The "bilge pump" broke on the boat Tuesday, and the Captain had to spend all day fixing it yesterday. We can't sail without it.

But the Captain made up for it. The best part of the day was dinner at Tobys in Coupeville, which is also on Whidbey Island. It's a really old seaside tavern that's been there since the 1880s, very local, very authentic. We had a big bowl of steamed Penn Cove mussels, garlic bread, blue cheese salads, and wine. It's the same little town where they filmed the movie Practical Magic, if you've seen it, and it's one of my favorite movies. That made up for the boat being broken for a day or so. And we did get to have a nice sunset dinner on the boat deck the night before, so all has not been lost. Just being with my Captain is good in itself.

My second favorite part of the day was when we stopped in the nice and ultra air conditioned Albertson's for some groceries to stock the boat with. I almost wanted to just hang out there all day.

Back home, on the other hand, they're having temps in the 70s and lots of nice summer showers. I guess I took the weather with me.


TWC said...

I thought of you when I saw yesterday that Seattle was over 100 degrees. We're having pea soup June Gloom here. Strange as well.

Don't sound like y'all are having too awful a time though.

smartass sob said...

I guess I took the weather with me.

You didn't take mine with you - we are still having high 90's temperatures everyday. It's been that way for two months. And very little rain right where I am - in fact, only two good rains since early May.

I read that they were having unusually high temps up in the Northwest - muggy, too, I'll bet. And no air conditioning? Well maybe it'll be cooler out on the water. Glad to see you made it up there safe and sound.


smartass sob said...

You must have put in a good word for me with someone - we finally got a good rain today. Nearly 2 inches. ;-)


Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Have fun, Chatelaine. Stay cool.
or Be Cool.

Anyway, enjoy your man and your time on the water.


LNC Region 7 said...

I'm so disappointed to find that I missed you!

And, no, smartass sob - it doesn't get muggy here much, esp. not when it's 100'.

But we're back to our regular, soggy, below normal weather - thank the gods.

Glad to see you're home and safe.

Rachel H. in Seattle