Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I would like to say...

If you support ACORN, then you support child pornography and child prostitution. Perhaps this is what Obama has in mind when he says he's creating jobs.

ACORN is organized crime.

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The Captain said...

Obama provided legal councel for ACORN and has kept in close contact with that group. He was also their leadership trainer. How could he not be aware of the corrupt nature of this outlaw organization.

It makes me wonder about what kind of legal matters the future president advised ACORN about, and just what was his advise. I know the president can invoke attorney-client priviledge should anyone ask him. Our only hope for learning the truth is for an ACORN insider or former insider to blow the whistle on Obama's involvment in ACORNgate.

OOPS! I recently read that the suffix "gate" has been officially and permanently retired as the nom d'jour for presidential scandals. What do we call this scandal if not ACORNgate. For many years following the Teapotdome oil reserve scandal, "dome" was affixed to presidential scandals. It too was retired.

Perhaps Obama could appoint a Scandal Appellation Czar to give us a new suffix. Given the over-arching scandals from ACORN to commie czars, I suggest calling this mess the Obamanation.