Monday, October 26, 2009

Grilling outdoors in late October! And southern women who love football.

People ask, "What do you like best about living in the south?" My glib answer has been "I'll never have to put chains on my car tires again."
I will have to change my answer. Being able to grill out on the patio at 7:00 PM in late October is a pleasure I hadn't anticipated.

My lady Chatelaine prepared the hamburgers with Lea & Perrin's Worcestershire sauce (is there any other kind?) and McCormick's Broiled Steak Seasoning Salt, and sliced a purple onion, while I got the brickets glowing in the chimney. Thanks to TWC,
I gave up using lighter fluid last year. Last week, when TWC came to see Chatelaine and me tie the knot, I grilled steaks to a rare-med. rare perfection. (Don't believe me? Just ask him.) Back in Washington state, the grills were put away a month ago and the studded tires are being put on the cars.

Once the brickets were ready, I grilled the burgers to a still juicy medium and softened and carmelized the onion slices. I also lightly toasted the buns, which are in fact kaiser rolls. While I was outside, my lady Chatelaine was roasting cut up red potatoes with olive oil and herbs.
Add slices of cheese and ripe tomato, with a couple of romaine lettuce leaves, and we were eatin good in our neighborhood.

I'll share a secret with all men from the north: Find yourself a woman who loves football more than you do. If I had known that southern women were football fanatics, I'd have moved south years ago. I'll never have to explain why I "NEED" to watch a game and she already has the NFL package on her satellite TV.

Life is good.


t said...

It is nice to be able to grill year round....and you will come to appreciate it.

Those steaks were great. Huge things and we thought we'd have leftover steaks for steak and eggs---except we ate them all.

Had a 2003 St Francis cab with the steaks. And followed with an 05 Sunset Ridge Petite Syrah.

And Chatty's salad. Perfection.

If I had known that southern women were football fanatics, I'd have moved south years ago.

I'm still chuckling over this exchange I overheard:

Blond Chick (to bride): Did y'all see the football game?.....

Bride: (laughs) I *was* gettin' married.....

Blond Chick: So, Did ya'll see it?

The Wine Commonsewer (TWC) said...

Well, chit! That ain't 'sposed to happen. HTH did that comment post?


smartass sob said...

Ya mean ya can't grill year around up in the North? How come? I know it gets pretty cold, but that just sounds like a good excuse to have a fire. And if you're gonna have a fire, it would seem a shame to just waste it and not cook something on it. I've heard that even in New York City, of all places, people would bake potatos in barrel in which they had built a fire to keep warm. Probably roasted hot dogs or sausage over it, too - I would. ;-)