Monday, October 12, 2009

Wedding Day Weather

Right now, is saying sunny and 59 degrees for the big day!

I wish I had gotten that fur wrap I saw a few weeks ago. Not real fur of course, but I was looking for taffeta or chiffon wedding dress wraps, and I kept finding the prettiest fur ones, but I figured it wouldn't be near that cold.

Guess I was wrong. Wish I had sprung for it now.

Oh well.

But sunny and 59! Wheeee!


smartass sob said...

A strapless wedding gown on a 59 degree day, with no wrap? You're gonna be shivering. :-) It's this coming Saturday, right? When you gonna start the countdown?


Chatelaine said...

Well, SASOB, I'm hoping the Captain will let me wear his coat or something. But usually I'm the one turning up the AC in the house, while he's getting a blanket out.

I guess we started counting down about two weeks out. But yep, it's this Saturday. I'm good to go. Let's do it.

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

I'd love to see your wedding! Surely you'll post about it right away...right????

TWC said...

SA, well, never mind....