Monday, January 12, 2009

We Never Lose a Party

The Grove at Ole Miss - by the Lexington Brothers

Ole Miss football fans set a record for the largest amount of money ever spent on booze at the Dallas Hyatt Regency Atrium Bar.

$29,000 in one night

Hotty Toddy.


The Wine Commonsewer said...

Kind of made my Monday morning. :-)

Thanks for a peek at something we don't see much of. That's pretty cool.

Did you go to Ole Miss?

Did you go to the game?

Chatelaine said...

Well, I went to Ole Miss off and on through different semesters, but I didn't receive my degree from there, and I deeply regret that. But I grew up there. It's practically right in my back yard. My whole family went to school there, and spending the summer or weekends at Ole Miss was an everyday normal thing in my neighborhood.

The Captain and I didn't go to the Cotton Bowl, as it was in Dallas and the Captain was leaving for Washington two days later, but we did go to the last home game this year. It was the day after Thanksgiving. I showed him all over the campus and The Grove, and I think he really loved it. We'll be hanging out there some, I'm sure of it.

The Captain said...

I've tailgated at the UW and at Seattle Seahawk games and seen pictures of other fans partying at other venues, but the party atmosphere at Ole Miss in The Grove is the best and friendliest I ever saw.

Contrary to the stereotype, blacks and whites get along, sharing BBQ, sitting together under tents, enjoying the anticipation of the coming game. The band comes in and warms up the crowd.

The highlight of the pregame party is when coach Houston Nutt and the entire team come jogging down a walkway through the middle of the grove, slapping hands with the fans lined up to see them.

The campus is beautiful and the girls are stunning! I just happened to be with the most beautiful girl there!

I'm still a loyal UW Huskie fan, but I've adopted the Rebels as my team in the SEC.

Go Dawgs, and Hotty Toddy!