Thursday, February 26, 2009

The cake has been designed and ordered!

I met with the cake artist yesterday. I love that title "cake artist". That's what she is too. I provided her with some pictures of cakes I liked, looked at some pics of her designs, and then she took the elements I liked best and sketched a color picture of a cake especially for me right there on the spot. She's a very sought after cake designer in the southeast and is usually full up for the year by March. She does all the baking and designing herself, so she only does one wedding per week.

It's going to be a very autumny spice cake, with butter cream frosting, and cream cheese and hazelnut fillings. This was the main inspiration picture.

It's going to be tall! Like about 40 inches high!

Last night I had a horrible nightmare that the cake fell off the table and smashed to the hardwood floor when it was rolled out at the reception. The worst part is that I was crying my eyes out, but everyone else was laughing, even the Captain. Then to make matters worse, my dog came over and started gobbling the cake up off the floor. There I was, bawling my eyes out, and everyone was laughing hysterically!

I was so upset from that dream that I called the Captain in the middle of the night and woke him up to tell him about it. But he promised he wouldn't let my cake go smashing to the floor, and that if it did dare to happen, that he wouldn't laugh and my dog wouldn't be at the reception.

Gah! The stress!

Oh! And yay! The Captain is coming into town for a couple weeks on March 11th! Yeeee! I've missed him so much.


The Wine Commonsewer said...

That cake sounds wonderful. I'd expect something like than in the South.

Out here wedding cakes are made with cardboard, sugar, and crisco. Every one I've ever tasted has been absolutely ghastly. Bad enough that you want to spit into the nearest trash can.

Best wedding cake I ever had was mine. My sister made it from scratch and the guests ate it all. We didn't even get the obligatory piece to throw in the freezer.

Chatelaine said...

Ugh, I've had those cardboardy cakes before. I think they're made way in advance and left sitting out to get stale or something.

We're going to even have extra cake with little take away boxes for people to take some home with them. And you know it's a southern tradition that single girls are supposed to take home a piece of the wedding cake, place it under their pillow that night, and they'll dream of the man they are to marry.

Maybe that's where I went wrong, and it took me so long to find the Captain. I always ate the cake before it made it to my pillow :)

TWC said...

Can't have your cake and eat it too, Blondie.

TWC said...

Well, actually, you *CAN* have your cake and eat it too. But you might get shot.

smartass sob said...

Can't have your cake and eat it too, Blondie.

Sure, she can - but she can't eat it and have it, too. ;-)

sasob, the unibomber

Chatelaine said...

Twc, I've always had my cake and ate it too ;-)

We are eating that cake! I promise you. This is not going to be one of those fancy-all-for-show weddings on TV where they roll out a gorgeous cake, cut a little bite for the bride and groom, then roll it back in the kitchen, supposedly for serving, but really it was made of Styrofoam, and the guests are just getting a plain old sheet cake.

Uh-UH! We are cutting that cake and eating it right there on the spot. And the Captain and I are going to sit down and enjoy it. I'm not rushing around like crazy, unable to really experience my own wedding and reception. We're going to relax, eat some cake, have some coffee, and visit with our guests.

Now what's this unibomber thing all about Sasob?

TWC said...

We are eating that cake! I promise you.

I figured that. I was making a metaphor for something else. Not a graphic metaphor with R Rating, neither. Just a metaphor.

smartass sob said...

Now what's this unibomber thing all about Sasob?

Most people always say "can't have your cake and eat it, too." Technically that isn't correct, becoause one can have one's cake and then eat it. One of the things that helped the authorities track down the Unibomber was the fact that when he used the phrase in his messages he would write it in the more correct form of "eat your cake and have it, too." It's more correct, because obviously one can't eat one's cake and still have it. His hotshot education is what got him caught. ;-)