Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Euthanize PETA

I'd gladly volunteer to be the one to administer a fatal dose to the evil, worthless, societal slags. They think it's better to kill thousands of helpless pets, rather than find homes for them to live happily, peacefully, and safe. They don't think people should have pets. They'd rather kill them. They think pets are better off dead rather than living with a human who loves them and takes care of them.


They're no better than that jackass scum Michael Vick. And if I ever meet him, I'll have to be held down to keep from shooting his pitiful balls off.

PETA Kills 95% of the Animals In Their Care


Col. Hogan said...

I happen to like leather jackets, and have a leather concealed carry vest. Not only that, but I like steaks, Cajun blackened fish, and bacon & eggs.

Screw PETA!


Chatelaine said...

I like leather jackets too, Col. And furniture. I just ordered a new leather chair yesterday, to go with the one I already have. And I'm much more of a protein eater than a carb eater.

I'm all for animal welfare and for them being treated humanely, which includes humane killing when they are to be killed. I love animals and usually like them better than most people. However, there is compassion and decency, and then there is lunacy and loss of reason. PETA has gone off the deep end of lunacy in its practices and expectations.