Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Need a Dress

Lately, in wedding news...

April 8th is my appointment at a bridal salon to try on dresses. I'm still feeling like it's going to be a casually formal day, maybe with a nod toward something vintage in style, and definitely not over the top shiny, ostentatious, or "blingy". (I really hate that blingy word, but it definitely fits the bill with the current seemingly over the top wedding scene.) I've got a few ideas in mind, and I might even go for a tea length 1950s-ish style with a fluffy skirt...think vintage Barbie goes to a party. I really like this new designer from out in California. If I don't fall in love with anything at a salon, I just might give Dolly Couture a call and order something. With a shorter dress a girl can really rock some hot shoes. I think the shoes might be my most favorite part of the outfit.

And I've narrowed it down to two styles of invitations. I think we're again going for something traditional and not trendy or flashy. Definitely simple, with an autumn theme to it. I hate the idea of using three envelopes, two or three inserts, cards, and blotting tissue just to send an invite. And $750 for paper that is going to get thrown away by everyone but me and my mother is ridiculous. So I'm leaning towards something called seal and send. They're pretty, yet economical and practical too.

You know....I've been watching a lot of wedding shows the past few months. Most of them have been over the top, extravagant productions that are more focused on impressing and wowing people at the reception, than being about the ceremony, celebrating a new life together, or being in love. Yet the blogs, forums, and communities I've been researching and discussing with real people online are much more down to earth and realistic. I think reality is finally setting in for the wedding industry, and the trend will be turning toward smaller, more intimate, and tasteful weddings. I could be wrong, but when even the usually unrealistic fashion magazine industry is starting to give pages to Banana Republic and other affordable ready-to-wear lines, then you know the winds are shifting.

I just hope I can find a dress that looks decent on me. I'm feeling kind of old, blah, and ugly lately. Spending time around a lot of young princess girls getting married can do that to a 40-something.


TWC said...

Spending time around a lot of young princess girls getting married can do that to a 40-something.

Yep, they just look at you and smile, all the while thinking whaddya lookin' at, Gramps?

Col. Hogan said...

I like the dresses they wore in the parties in Gone with the Wind. Maybe with more modern fabrics and underpinnings. They've gone in many directions since then, but never gotten any prettier.


Chatelaine said...

I like Gone with the Wind dresses too, Col, although they're a little too wide to be practical in the small rooms we have now. Most of the younger brides do pick the big ballroom type gowns, though. That's all the rage now.

Chatelaine said...

TWC, you're gonna end up in jail, man. Or on Jerry Springer or something.