Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh hell

Ok, so we didn't get to make our road trip today. The Captain has been showing some signs of the stomach sickness I had. He's been in the "library" all day long :-(


smartass sob said...

That definitely sounds like some kind of virus - especially if he didn't get sick until after he'd been at your place a day or two. Poor Captain Nostar! Well get him some soda crackers and some 7up or Sprite - or some sort of non-caffinated, sweet drink. Don't let him become dehydrated. (Hell, if it ain't one thing with you guys, it's another.)


Chatelaine said...

"(Hell, if it ain't one thing with you guys, it's another.)"

That's exactly what I was thinking SaSob. If I wasn't so smitten with him, I'd probably take it all as a sign from God and run as far away as I could.

but, I can't. He's too cute :)

He's feeling like himself again today, so we're off to the Tenn-Tom now.

The Wine Commonsewer said...

Coke syrup works well to settle a bad stomach. Doesn't take much.

some kind of virus

Likely it's Montezuma's Revenge. I told him not to drink the water down there. Better not eat the strawberries, neither. :-)

Chatelaine said...

Hey, the water here is just fine, Twc! Not to mention the strawberries ;-)

I do think it was a virus, because even though he's up and around, he's still tired and dehydrated like I was. I've been cleaning every surface and the entire house with anti-bacterial cleaner. I feel terrible that he got sick too.

by the way, we found a great place for a boat! Think we're gonna be sailing down here. It's cheaper and we can do it more often.

TWC said...

I was looking at the marina link yesterday and thinking how cool it is that a river is big enough to sail on.

TWC said...

My old friend Jim's family had money and his dad kept a 50 footer on the Ohio River near Pittsburgh. They used to take the boat to go to the Steeler games.

Col. Hogan said...

You gonna sail it though Panama, or go round the Cape? Tierra del Fuego is a mite chilly this time of year. Scenic, though!