Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Today he actually compared the daily ups and downs of the Dow to tracking polls in politics. He said he couldn't really pay attention to the daily gyrations of it.

What the hell? Those are retirements and 401K life savings that everyday average non-wealthy people are losing or have lost!

That pompous ignorant mother f*****!

I'm sorry if I'm not as freewheeling and carefree as him since he can't be bothered to glance at the train wreck, but I can't take my eyes off it. My 401K was nearly half what it used to be when I took it out and put it in savings last fall, and my father saw a good third of his investments vanish nearly overnight in September. So Obama can kiss my middle class ass if he thinks I trust or value a word he says for one moment.

And then...THEN!...He said people should go out and buy stocks now, as if his ass has ever had any belief or support of capitalism or middle class investors. The damn Dow is sinking like a stone and may never exist again as we've known it.

I can't make up my mind if he's the most evil and sinister bastard of my lifetime or just the most incompetent.

ARRRRHHH! I'm so mad I could just scream! >:-{


Col. Hogan said...

The rotten bastard--er the President--wants to reduce everyone outside the socialist elite to poverty, and to dependence on government.


TWC said...

Talking naughty?

So, how's your 201(k) doing?

Chatelaine said...

That's exactly what I think, Col. He's doing this on purpose. Democracy exists in the middle class. The extremely wealthy don't need it. Most of the poor don't want it. But the middle class needs it in order to live free and moderately comfortable. He has to wipe us out to get his "dream" of USSA.

Chatelaine said...

Sorry, Twc. Sometimes I get carried away. I rarely use that mf word. I actually hate it, but I'm so mad the past couple days I could just bite nails and spit them out like a nail gun.

201K is the perfect word for it. Unless you're meaning one of those HUD repair loan things....isn't that a 201K loan? I can't remember. Been a long time since I let my Realtor license go.

smartass sob said...

SaSob -
I got your other comment

That was from some of my conservative rather than libertarian contacts. I don't give much credence to most of the conspiracy stuff, but if they want to put an end to it, they should be more open or forthcoming. What happened to the much touted "transparency" this administration was supposed to bring with it? The birth certificate - citizenship thing is a waste of time, mostly 'cuz it doesn't matter. Obama is in office and even if a technicality says he shouldn't be, it isn't gonna change anything(TWC is right about that.) Government doesn't seem to worry much about technicalities except when they're in the government's favor.

I thought some of the questions the author raised about his psychological motivation were very interesting.