Friday, April 10, 2009

Boat Dreams

I find myself daydreaming of sailing a lot today. It's breezy here, and I'm sure that's influencing me, but mostly it's because the Captain has been in Oak Harbor on the boat all week, doing some maintenance and upkeep. I'm downright envious.

I can't wait for May 13th. I'm flying up to Washington, and we're going out on the boat for several days, maybe even a whole week. The Captain is going to take me to a place where we can see dolphins, seals, and maybe even some whales if we're lucky. I'm going to take some books and just lie on the deck and read a lot, drink some wine, eat some crabs and mussels, get into long conversations with the Captain, and laugh at his silly jokes. Laughing on a boat is nice. I like the sound of it on the wind, especially the Captain's laugh. He has a nice laugh.

Hopefully we'll find some good places to go walking and sightseeing too. Oh, and the Captain is going to take me to the town where they filmed the movie Practical Magic. I've always thought the little seaside town in that movie was so pretty.

After the boat trip, we'll be heading back over to the Captain's house. We'll pack up his things, wrap things up, give the house keys to the Realtor, and provided nothing else gets in our way, we'll drive a U-haul back to Mississippi, and he'll mostly be here to stay.

I'm kind of afraid to really count on it, though. Fate always seems to have a way of throwing a wrench in things for the Captain and I. Knowing the way things have gone in the past, gasoline will shoot up to ten dollars a gallon, or Obama will outlaw state to state travel without joining his civil corps, or moving vans will be outlawed without special government approval, or something. I'm getting a little afraid to have faith in the future lately.

But then I talk to the Captain on the phone, and he laughs at some crazy thing I've said... that deep belly laugh he has. I love that laugh. It makes me smile and feel very secure. I'm not sure why, but that laugh always makes me feel better, like all is just fine with the world.


The Wine Commonsewer said...

That's a long drive in a U-Haul. Your butt's are get tired of being sat on. They may even look like my chocolate rabbit's butt by the time you get home.

The Wine Commonsewer said...

I think I am losing it. Please tell me you deleted my flippant little comment about boat drinks. Please tell me I didn't imagine the entire thing. Please tell me that the other comments and the entire comment back and forth was deleted.

Click It or Tickit said...

I don't think El Capitan goes over to FB much so click my name.

Chatelaine said...

I've made a few U-haul trips across the country. It does get tiring. I like driving and seeing things, though, so I don't think I'll mind it. We're going to stop at a few places along the way to do some sight seeing.

Chatelaine said...

And I promise that the Captain will be back in the swing of things soon. He's so wrapped up in boats, moving, packing, and today he's getting his computer fixed. He's got to take it into Spokane because the place in Seattle had closed. He just got home from the boat last night, though, and he's exhausted. I really wish he'd take a day to rest, but he's raring to go lately.