Thursday, April 2, 2009


Look at all the tea parties happening on April 15th. I hope they turn out well, lots of people yelling and marching.... small riots ;-)

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I'm ready to rumble. I wish the Captain was here. I'd like to go to the one in Mississippi, but he didn't think it would be a good idea for me to go alone. Although, really, I can take care of myself, but still, it would be a lot more fun with him. I wanna get rowdy, and I'm kind of feeling like my old moniker of "shit starter" that a former friend used to brand me with. And yes, we're no longer friends now, but I swear she started it, not me. Besides, I tried to tell her that her fiance was gay and that she shouldn't marry him, but she wouldn't listen. And I ought to know. I dated him first, and he was fighting it even then. She just wanted to marry someone that I'd had first, but that's so last decade.

Anyway....I wanna go to a tea party. I wanna carry a sign and yell things :-(


Col. Hogan said...

It'll be fun! I'm going to one of them; maybe more.


TWC said...

I knew you were one of them girls that'd get you in a fight in a parking log. :-)

Chatelaine said...

I wanna go so bad, Col. The Captain is even on a committee that is forming one in his home town. Not fair! :-(

Chatelaine said...

Twc, I would never EVER do that. I'm good!

So see, that's why I wanna mix it up at a Tea Party. I'm deprived :)