Monday, April 6, 2009

I used to be Jenny

This is one of my most favorite movie moments ever. It might even be my very favorite. It's when Forrest and Jenny run to each other in the Reflecting Pool in Washington.

It never fails to make me smile and be happy, even if it is for just a few moments.

And then there's this moment...when Jenny is on edge, literally... when she's at the end of her rope and doesn't recognize herself in the mirror anymore. I don't know why exactly, although I have an idea...but I always related to this moment. I'll never forget the first time I saw this scene.... and I knew I had felt like that before. I knew what it was like to do things that were dangerous to yourself. I knew what it was like to want to hurt myself. That scene used to always make me shiver. It always got my attention and made me sink very far into myself.

But you know what? When I was watching that scene on TV just a few moments ago, I didn't feel so close to it. I didn't feel like it was something so close to my own self. I didn't feel the darkness calling to me. I think it's still there in me, but it's different now. Like light and dark.


Col. Hogan said...

Lady C,

I thought, after seeing FG, that Jenny was a tragic character--committing a slow suicide, with Gump being the one good thing in her life. Time after time, she rejected him--not maliciously, but as if not deserving of his adoration.

That sometimes happens in the real world, too.


TWC said...

A little introspection coupled with a little wine is not necessarily a bad thing.