Thursday, May 28, 2009

Paint It White

Obama's energy stooge, Steven Chu, says the entire world should paint their roofs white to help fight global warming.

Well, actually he used the new politically approved and conveniently indeterminable label of "climate change", but we all know that white reflects heat, so lowering temps is what this is about.


As if the world hasn't experienced multiple changes of climate over billions of years with no help from humankind needed at all. I'm so tired of these freaking fruit loop people whining and bossing me about grocery bags, my totally paid for SUV, my dish washing liquid, my paper towels, and my water bottles, and now the roof on my house.

They are just totally obsessed and fanatical! Deranged, I say!


John Inderdohnen said...

That's ridiculous! Everyone knows that we should have giant flip cards on our roofs -- mirrored or at least white to reflect the sun during the summer, and black for those winter months when we can use the heat. And if we get really creative we can alternate the flip cards to form words like the crowd at the Rose Bowl and start sending messages into space. I'd start with something like "Martians are bigger sissy boys than Al Gore," or "GM going bankrupt will do a lot more for the environment than whitewash on the roof."

twc said...

I am generally amused that the people who complain the most live in places where every last vestige of the natural world has been paved over. That and guys like Al Gore who uses more electricity in an hour than I will all year.

Col. Hogan said...

Hell, let's paint all the people white, too!

Who said that? Not me!!