Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer TV Nights

All my TV shows are over for the summer... American Idol, Bones, Next Top Model, Being Erica,... Friday Night Lights... although that one really ended a couple months ago. I've been kind of sad about it. I really like my TV nights. They are very relaxing to me.

But I think I found something that might be pretty "goode". I'm looking forward to watching the premier of this new show tonight.


smartass sob said...

"Right over there next to the big inflated - I guess that's a condom."Ha! Ha! That's hilarious! A friend of mine owns a bed and furniture store and they all the time have one of those things going outside in the parking lot. Wait until I tell her what they look like! ;-)


ps: Seems like that's going to be a funny new show. I used to get a kick out of King Of The Hill, too.

Chatelaine said...

I've always thought those inflatable balloony things looked rather phallic too, Smartass. But I figured it was just my dirty mind :)

I'm thinking it will be a funny show for the summer. I hope it lasts. I can't believe the moonbats aren't freaking out about their religion being made fun of, though.

The Captain said...

That looks funnnnnnnnnnnny!

TWC said...

I work all day and sleep in shed....Great stuff. Thanks for posting.

[walks over to try and figure out how the tivo works]

Chatelaine said...

It was pretty good, y'all! I hope it keeps up and doesn't get lame. I loved the part when she didn't have any reusable shopping bags, and got out of the scorn by saying she never used them because they were made in sweat shops. I'm going to have to remember that one.

twc said...

Who the hell is this Captain guy?

The man is about to marry a gorgeous blond chick and it's like he's fallen off the face of the planet.

Fess' up LC. Didja bury the boy in the mulch pile?


Chatelaine said...

"Fess' up LC. Didja bury the boy in the mulch pile?"Heh :)

It's beginning to seem like that might be the only way I'll ever keep him here. He'll be here Tuesday. Maybe I'd better start digging a hole or something.