Friday, June 5, 2009

I Feel Lucky

Today is National Donut Day.

The Captain and I have toyed with the idea of opening a nice donut and coffee shop in our little town. Believe it or not, there isn't one here at all. The closest one is 25 miles away. We came up with the idea when trying to think of a business service or product that people wouldn't prefer to order through the internet or drive into the city for. Donuts are what we came up with. However, neither one of us is interested in getting up at 3am to make the donuts for the rest of our lives. We're more interested in three day weekends on the boat.

Tonight is the night the Captain and I are going to dinner with the gang for my friend's 60th birthday. We decided we'd go ahead and get a room at the casino hotel like our friends are doing, so we can drink and gamble and not worry about driving home across the delta in the dark.

Besides, after last night, I feel lucky.


smartass sob said...

A donut shop sounds like a great idea. Some kind of coffee and pastry shop/bakery. 'Course location would be everything. Don't y'all have any kind of diner or breakfast joint around there? I can't believe there isn't a Dennys or an Ihop or something.

About getting up at three in the morning...I used to periodically do a stint of baking in the officers wardroom when I was in the Navy. Yes, it's work, but it's pleasant enough - clean, too. And it really doesn't matter what time of day one gets up, does it?



Chatelaine said...

We do have a Waffle House, but it's attached to the Motel 6, so it's really just a passer-through joint. I do think a few men gather there early in the morning for coffee before heading out to the fields, but the only place to really get donuts in town is the Wal-Mart, and they're not very good donuts, really. We've already got a location that we think would be good on Main Street, close enough to the interstate, but right in the middle of town for local convenience too.

But I do like to sleep at night and wake up around 7am. I'm just not a night owl anymore.

TWC said...

Gotta love Mary Chapin Carpenter.

That video was filmed near where TWC was sleeping in the dirt with the scorpions over Memorial Day Weekend.

You get to doin' donuts (heh, by the end of basic training donuts were looking good) you'll be a night owl allright. Going to work at 3:00 am

Chatelaine said...

"...where TWC was sleeping in the dirt with the scorpions over Memorial Day Weekend."


The Captain has mentioned that he used to like camping, but I told him that the closest thing to camping I'd be willing to do with him is sleeping on the boat. Anything less than a Doubletree and I'm roughing it enough.