Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pancakes, Goobers, and Retards

This morning the Captain made pecan pancakes and maple sausage for our breakfast! Soooo yummy!

We had a "date" last night. The Captain took me to see Terminator: Salvation. I thought it was great. It has a different feel from the other Terminator movies, a little edgier and rougher. It has that cool edge that low budget movies have, but it's definitely not low budget, considering the good special effects. I even had my favorite movie snack from childhood. Goobers!

I'm sure this is somewhat politically incorrect to mention, but it was our local movie theater that we went to, and we happened to go on the same night that a local school and residence for developmentally disabled adults goes to the movies. One of my nieces is an activities counselor there. She takes them to the movies on Monday nights. When we walked in, I saw her at the snack counter helping them get their snacks, and she waved at me and said, "I thought I warned you that Monday nights were my group's night at the movies." But they were totally fine, no disturbances or anything. They behaved better than most teenagers do at the movies. My niece is also a basketball and volleyball coach in the Special Olympics. I never would have thought it about her, but she's really good in working with them. They love her. I think she just really treats them like normal people, and they feel very comfortable with her.

I had a weird dream last night. Nothing scary, but kind of funny, in a rolling your eyes, frustrating kind of way. I dreamed that I was at my Mom and Dad's house, and all of a sudden several barely-speaking-English kind of people came in the house and started hosing down all the shelves, kitchen cabinets, and everything inside the house! I started yelling at them about not even knocking on the door and what the hell were they doing, and they'd better stop right now, or I'd get the shotgun out. They said that Mom had ordered their service when a telemarketer had called soliciting. I looked at the labels on their shirts, and they were from Jani-King, which I'm sure showed up in my dream because I read recently that Jani-King (along with several other cleaning services) is among the top ten franchises in the U.S. It turned out that my Mom, who is very hard of hearing to the point of not being very good on the phone, had simply said "yes" over and over to the telemarketer, thinking that it wouldn't matter, and she didn't realize she had scheduled an appointment with them for "the works".

Sadly, I can totally see my Mom doing something like this in real life, and I guess my worries for her are coming out in my dreams. I suppose I need to have a talk with her about not saying "yes" over the phone just to get a telemarketer to hang up.

Today, the Captain is going to re-paint a wicker chair on the front porch, and I'm going to make an RC Cola Cake.


Col. Hogan said...

I didn't know what goobers were until I spent a couple of years in the deep south in the early 1960's. Not talking about chocolate covered peanuts, but real goobers. Raw peanuts.

They're definitely an acquired taste, which I never acquired.

I really do like the Goobers that come in a box at the movie theater.

The best thing about this new Terminator is that it doesn't have Schwarzengroper in it. He would have stolen all the money for special effects and made the movie look more like Springtime for Hitler (from The Producers.)

TWC said...

Click my name.......

TWC said...

I think they went to far when they invented maple sausage. Just sayin'.

In a different life I had a shop that was next door to the ROP place. Those kids were pretty cool. Had one I was particularly fond of. Can picture him clearly but can't recall his name.

Dreams, ahh, yes, often they do concern events that transpired during the foregoing 24 hours as well as those things that are at the forefront of our concerns.

Chatelaine said...

Col Hogan, Arnold did have a cameo in T4, but it wasn't really him. It was just a computer generation of the original Terminator models.

I like raw peanuts, but too many of them make for bad tummy aches.

Chatelaine said...

Twc, I LOVE maple sausage. It's the only kind I buy.

TWC said...

I LOVE maple sausage. It's the only kind I buy.

Before we all got lazy, people cut the sausage with a fork and swished it around on the plate full of syrup that was previously poured on the pancakes. :-)

TWC said...

Out here you can get raw peanuts, but you have to go to the baseball game. They don't sell them at the movies.

smartass sob said...

Before we all got lazy, people cut the sausage with a fork and swished it around on the plate full of syrup that was previously poured on the pancakes.

Previously poured on the pancakes? You mean they didn't also pour it on the sausage? ;-)


Out here you can get raw peanuts, but you have to go to the baseball game.

Raw as opposed to roasted in the shell? Only place I've ever seen truly raw peanuts was in supermarkets. Well,...also in a tow sack of some ex-neighbors from Gerogia - they boil them in brine or rocksalted water and eat them warm. Used to know a poem or ditty about eating goober peas, but I've forgotten it.


Chatelaine said...

I still swish it around in the syrup even though it's got maple flavor in the sausage.

By the way, I can't believe none of you boys have made a sausage joke yet, 'specially the Captain.

The Captain said...

Make a sausage joke?

You must think I'm the wurst kind of a "brat."

Chatelaine said...

hahahahahah :-)

I knew you'd think of something.