Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ACORN's Finest

And just think....these people actually get to vote. No wonder we are so screwed.


The Captain said...

I am impressed at how well she memorized all those talking points.

Chatelaine said...

Did you hear where the little one said she thought that everyone should have housing, food, and health care provided for them by the government???

I DON'T WANT government housing! What a bunch of slackers, content to live in shacks and hostels. I like MY house! If I can provide myself with a nice little house on a golf course, that is pretty, and has nice furniture, bedding, and clean water, then why should I have to live in a horrible government apartment just because some people don't want to work for a living??!!

Such stupid, stupid kids! They shouldn't even be allowed to speak. I think we should have to own property and pass a test to vote! ;-)

Ugh!! Annoys me to no end! I'm all riled up now, Captain :-(

TWC said...

I think we should have to own property.....to vote!

Used to be that way.....and it would keep people from voting to take your stuff.

Course I think there is a whole lot of stuff that you simply shouldn't be allowed to vote on at all.

Chatelaine said...

Me too, TWC. I think most things shouldn't even be a government issue at all, much less voted on.