Saturday, July 4, 2009

Keep On Rockin' in the Free World

I don't have anything particularly patriotic or inspiring to say today. I'm a little depressed about the state of our country and the government boot that is squashing us. The Wine Commonsewer has the best Independence Day post I've seen all morning. I highly recommend it as a kick in the ass for all of us to get in the street and be heard. There's a small tea party going on in the next county, and I'm thinking I might head up to it this afternoon. It won't be as flashy and exciting as the big city parties, but they'll kick up some dirt, I hope.

I think Sarah Palin declared her own independence yesterday. I think that woman is just AWESOME! I just hope she kicks the republican party to the curb and goes indie. I know I have a few GOP fans that read here, and I've nothing against the REAL republicans, but the party's been taken over by RINO's and Neo-cons, and they've not been much better to Sarah Palin than the democrats. With friends like that, who needs enemies? And the libertarians??? Generally, I like them, but good god, what a bunch of elitist, sanctimonious, bitter, cynical, and uninformed sarcastic brats there are over at "a certain think-tank blog that many of us read". No wonder they can't get anyone elected. They probably won't admit it now, but I remember last fall how they were all slobbering over Obama just because he wasn't Bush, yet they consider anyone that votes for the lesser of two evils part of the reason that we're stuck with two political parties that keep their dual stranglehold on power.

Really... Hypocrite much? Pot meet kettle.

Anyway, I don't think Sarah is going to run for office. I think she's going to rally the troops to take back this country from a gobbling and out of control government monster. She draws a crowd, fires people up, and we know she can organize and get things done. I love how she gave her whole, personal, sincere, and heartfelt speech yesterday without a teleprompter or notes. The mainstream media may have said she was rambling, but I suspect it's just been a while since they saw anyone speak her own words off the cuff, instead of reading someone else's words in a rehearsed manner from a teleprompter even when he's simply making a two sentence statement.

Here's a picture of Sarah as she left her press conference yesterday.

Does that look like a woman running away in tears or quitting before anything hits the fan?

I think she's going RINO hunting.

Happy Independence Day!


TWC said...


I suspect that Sarah is quitting because she is sick of the unrelenting assault from the left that should have ended when the election was over.

Thanks for the shout out and the kind word

Bought a bunch of fireworks in Utah that are illegal here in Az. Too bad, but we'll still blow off some firecrackers and small stuff.

Happy 4th.

Chatelaine said...

I don't think she's quitting just because she's tired of being harassed. She just doesn't seem like a quitter over something like that. I do believe it may have been preventing her from really doing her job as governor, and that I respect her for passing the torch on.

Have fun with the sparklies, TWC. Watch none of your fingers and toes get lit up along with 'em. Happy 4th :)

smartass sob said...

I suspect that Sarah is quitting because she is sick of the unrelenting assault from the left that should have ended when the election was over.

I suspect your're right, TWC. I also suspect the assault would not have stopped until after the 2012 election and she was no longer a threat to the Obamessiah. In fact, I can't see that the assault has stopped even now. Someone in high circles is evidently scared of her.


LC, libertarianism is first and foremost a political philosophy. There are a number of amoral(as opposed to immoral) and nihilistic types out there who like to refer to themselves as "libertarians" when all they really are are libertines. If they embrace the political philosopy of libertarianism, it is only because they don't like authority or rules of any kind - not even voluntary, self chosen and self-imposed ones.
The most charitable thing that can be said about them is they are "social" libertarians. It is difficult not to confuse the two sometimes.

They don't like Sarah Palin, because she belongs to a rather conservative religious denomination that still believes in such a thing as right and wrong personal conduct. But it isn't the particular ideas of right and wrong that her denomination presents that some libertarians dislike - it is the fact that it presents any at all. They don't like Ayn Rand and her philosophy of Objectivism either, and for the same reason - and she was an atheist who was against the moral tenets or premises of the major religions. But she did espouse absolutist ideas and that is something many today can not abide. People like their moral and intellectual wiggle room, I guess.


Hope all of you had a great Fourth of July.