Thursday, July 23, 2009

Grocery Shopping with a Brainy Man

You know, I've learned a thing or two about the Captain. He's pretty smart. Like maybe so smart that sometimes he forgets about common sense. I could see me one day having to be like Einstein's wife when she would prepare her brilliant husband's soup for lunch and take it to him. She learned that she had to let it cool first, because if she didn't, very often he would be so involved with his work and research, that he would eat the hot soup without thinking and would burn his mouth, yet not even notice and would go on eating it.

I've also learned about grocery shopping with the Captain. I've never grocery shopped with a man before the Captain, so it was a new experience for me. Shopping with the Captain usually goes one of two ways.

If I send him to grab a bag of cat food or cat litter or something, he'll be gone for 45 minutes, and when I'm nearly done with my shopping, I have to call him on his cell phone to see where he is. Then when I find him, he's playing MacGyver with some plumbing pipes, electrical wire, and a hair pin, building something for our house, instead of just buying a pre-made whatever-it-is he's building. He'll have tools and things spread out all over the floor of the Wal-Mart like a kid building a volcano for a school science project.

Or.... if I keep him with me... then every single thing I purchase is analyzed and divided down to the cost per ounce or serving, name brand versus store brand, homemade versus store bought, fresh versus frozen, or Ruffles brand potato chips versus some off-market "wavy" kind.

I'm a simple girl with my grocery shopping. I make a list. I have the brands and kinds of things that I like, and I don't vary much. I love my lists, and sticking to them helps to keep the grocery budget under control.

I love my Captain too. He's got a heart of gold and a sexy smart brain to match. He loves me back, has good manners, speaks well to my parents, doesn't hit girls, doesn't run around at night, doesn't drink too much, or tell lies. He means what he says. His brain is very exacting. If I make a list, and he goes to the store for me, he'll get exactly what's on the list. If I'm precise, he'll be precise.

I could totally see this happening to us.


The Captain said...

I don't understand the asian custom of having the wife walk three paces behind the husband. If I am staying close by, I like my Chatelaine to be in front. That way I get to enjoy the scenery.

smartass sob said...

That way I get to enjoy the scenery.

Yeah, but she doesn't. ;-)


Chatelaine said...


Now I'm gonna be self-conscious when you're dawdling behind me >:-(

Chatelaine said...

"Yeah, but she doesn't."


Nah, I like having my Captain beside me. That way everyone knows he's mine. :)

TWC said...

he'll be gone for 45 minutes, and when I'm nearly done with my shopping, I have to call him on his cell phone

Smirking Out Loud!

Chatelaine said...

"smirking out loud"

Yeah, I'm thinking he stays gone on purpose, TWC.

Col. Hogan said...

I thought the idea was to let your wife walk three paces ahead so that she could take the first arrow.....