Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Marking His Territory

"It's all Bush's fault."

"Hope and change!"

"I inherited a mess."

"Whose mess do you think he's cleaning up?"

"It takes a while to clean up 8 years of shit."

So the way to clean up someone's shit is to throw more shit on top of it?

That's what Obama is doing. He's just like my dog. Whenever I take her to the park, she does her tinkling all over the place. She smells something on the ground, she puts a little tinkle on it. Then we walk on, and she finds something else that gets her attention, and she tinkles on it. She's marking her territory. She's covering up all the other dogs' markings with her own. She saves the "big business" for a special spot in the back of the park that is off the beaten path, where the other dogs do their big business. After she's done, she takes a step back and surveys her work.

Yes, I clean it up and dispose of it, unlike Obama.

Instead of cleaning the old shit up, he's spreading his shit on top of the existing shit. He's not cleaning up a thing, he's just covering it up. Marking his territory, pissing on trees. And when all the existing shit is covered up with his shit, he thinks he's cleaned things up. He's made his presence known.

Because, you know, his shit is so much more desirable than the previous shit.


The Captain said...

No Shit!

TWC said...

all this shit reminds of some long repressed comedy routine somehow.

Chatelaine said...

Uh oh, have I been influenced by something and didn't realize it, Twc? I swear sometimes my sub conscious takes things in and I forget about it.

Well, shit.

TWC said...

Maybe it was a George Carlin routine, but instead of this post making me depressed, like the one you posted the other day, I find myself smiling. Course I do appreciate a potty mouth and I can swear better than anyone I know.

Chatelaine said...

Do you mean the one George Carlin did about getting rid of your stuff so you can get more stuff?

I'm sorry I depressed you the other day. I didn't mean to. :-(