Monday, July 20, 2009

I - Don't - Care

I think I realized something today.

I don't really care about what anyone else thinks, and I don't care to sway them to my point of view.

I just don't care.

For the most part, people are quite capable of consulting the facts and making up their own minds. But usually, they don't want to. They want to simply adopt a way of thinking that goes along with whatever is easiest for them or whatever trend they think is cool. Not that I don't have trends or fashions I follow, because I do. But I don't usually become so devoted to something that I adopt its or their stance just because it's theirs. For example, I like Bruce Springsteen's music, but I think his politics are foolish, stupid, snobbishly high-brow, sycophantic, and politically correct. But I do dig his music.

So, if someone isn't bothering to consult the facts on something and make a logical and unbiased conclusion about it, then I highly doubt there's anything I could say or do that would sway their point of view.

So that's why I don't bother to debate. I just don't care enough to spend the energy. I don't really give a shit what someone else wants to fill their brain with. I only care about not allowing them to force it on me.

I just can't be bothered to get into internet discussions or debates about things. Even the Captain has witnessed me losing interest in something and just saying, "Ok, whatever," and then going on about my business.

I think it annoys him a bit, though. That's probably something I do that bugs him. I know my mother always hated it. Still does, and I do occasionally fling it out there just to piss people off. It's a great way for letting people know how you feel about something. Saying "Ok, whatever" lets a person know that you have your own opinion on something, and you don't really care what their's is.

I'd think I'd like to tell most of the world today, "Yeah, ok, whatever."


smartass sob said...

Yeah, yeah. Okay, whatever. ;-)


Chatelaine said...

Yeah, you get it too, dontcha, Smartass?

smartass sob said...

I was just being a "smartass" Smartass sob.


Chatelaine said...

Oh, I know. I recognize you when I see you ;-)

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

WHAT? you don't care what I think?


Oh, well, win the James Taylor tickets on my blog, girl, and y'all go have a good time!

Col. Hogan said...

I really have a problem with entertainers who wear their politics on their sleeves. I can't really listen to Springsteen anymore. I can't watch a movie with Sean Penn or Alec Baldwin in it.

Everyone had the right to think what he wants, but these guys, who are great at their crafts, are suicidally stupid when it comes to living in the real world.

Some are lucky enough to get personal managers who will really take care of them. Others are named Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson.

The sad part is, when I see a tv show, movie or music video involving any of these philosophical idiots, I just can't seem to see the art. I just see an idiot.

Chatelaine said...

Noooo! Janie! I said, "most of the world." Not all of it. All my friends are excluded, of course :)

Girl, I can't go to Massachusetts to see James Taylor. My running around days are over.

Chatelaine said...

Yeah, I can't watch Baldwin or Penn either, Hogan. That's two that I can't look past. A lot of them, I can, such as Springsteen. But not them. Probably because I don't think they are as good an actor as Springsteen is a musician, but yeah...I can't see their art for the idiocy.

TWC said...

.....then one day the realization comes to you that you are smarter, cooler, and happier than any of your betters in politics, entertainment, or work. And you realize, yes, that you don't care anymore and there is a certain freedom that comes with that.

Much of this comes with age and experience

Chatelaine said...

I think I'm getting there, TWC. It does sound freeing.