Friday, August 14, 2009

Are You Ready?

22 days till kick off.

Check out that number 6 spot. Hell yeah!

Hotty Toddy.


Janie at Sounding Forth said...

I read the title before the pix loaded and I thought "That heifer! I've not even received my invitation yet!"

And now I'm unemployed, well, heck, I still got FFMiles out the kazoo!

Wanna plan Christmas together in Ruiodoso? Could y'all put up with my brats? Our guitars? Our Texas accents? The Wonderdogs?

Well, then, cmon!!!

Col. Hogan said...

If a university doesn't have a NCAA Hockey team it isn't really a unversity, is it?

Chatelaine said...

Janie, I haven't sent the invitations out yet. My sister and I are addressing them tonight. Don't worry ;-)

The Christmas thing sounds so cool...we're seriously thinking about it. Brats, guitars, and dogs won't bother us at all. The Captains strums a little bit himself, and we love dogs, and you're kids are too old to be brats.

It might be kind of soon after the honeymoon, though, and we do a big Christmas at my house for everyone. I'd sure like to make it work, though.

Chatelaine said...

Well, in the South, Col Hogan...we don't get lot of exposure to ice. We do have a minor league pro hockey team, though. The Mississippi River Kings, and they draw big crowds.