Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Gotta Get a Dress

I'm going shopping for my wedding dress today. I'm a mixture of emotional emotions. Excited, nervous, happy, anxious, and worried. I'm worried I won't find anything that looks good on me. I'm worried because I'm not one of those princess brides that wants the whole big shebang of a huge dress that costs five thousand dollars. I just want something simple, elegant, pretty, girly, and will leave us with more money to use on a honeymoon and some new things for our home.

Anyway, I'm going by myself, which I know is odd. But here's the deal. My mom is too sick to make a two hour drive and then sit upright in a chair for two hours, then drive two hours home. She's just too weak. My best friend got called for jury duty this week. My sister and sister-in-law are working, and all my other friends live in other states. Honestly, the only person I'd really like to take with me is the Captain, but he's at his boat in Washington. I trust him to be honest, gentle, and helpful with his advice. He makes me feel young and beautiful again with all his compliments. At first I used to think he was full of shit, but now....after time...I think he just really loves me.

Ok, see??? I'm sorry. I told y'all I was emotional. It's 7:30am and I'm sniveling into my coffee just from thinking about my Capain. Lately I cry over everything I see that is wedding related. At this rate, I'll be like a disaster walking down the aisle. I remember at my sister's wedding. I was the maid of honor and my brother was standing down at the altar with me as my sister came down the aisle. She was crying a lot. My brother leaned over to me and said, "I'd be crying to if I was marrying (insert brother-in-law's name here)."

Ok, that made me laugh, so I'm not crying anymore. I've got to motivate and get dressed. Can't go to an upscale bridal salon in my yoga pants and Motley Crue t-shirt. Wish me luck, y'all !


smartass sob said...

Wish me luck, y'all !

So, good luck!


The Captain said...

"At first I used to think he was full of shit, but now....after time...I think he just really loves me."

Those are not mutually exclusive. I do really love you, but that does not preclude me from being full of shit. I am sure you can find plenty of people that will assure you that I am.

Full of it or not, I do really love you.

Chatelaine said...

Thanks, SaSob. Missed you lately, dude.

Chatelaine said...

Yeah, Cap, I always remember how full of it you are when you start in on one of your stories about something like falling asleep while driving on the freeway and making it 10 miles or so before waking up and not causing an accident at all ;-)

I still love you, though. You make me laugh :)

smartass sob said...

Missed you lately, dude.

Oh, I've been busy going to antique festivals and big blacksmithing goings-on last week.

Here's a link to HABA's photo page for the event. Hundreds of photos were taken.

Don't know if that link will work, but if it doesn't go to:


smartass sob said...

That's odd. Blogger posted the link, and it seems to work - but it did not post the entire url I typed separately. Well here are the complete set of digits that should have been on the end of the address: