Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wedding Update

My dress has arrived at the boutique! I have an appointment next week to have it fitted and tailored.

The invitations are here, but they won't go out until middle of August.

We are forgoing the catering, and instead my sister, two sisters-in-law, three nieces, and myself will be doing the reception food. We're just doing light hors d'oeuvres before the cake, so it really won't be that big of a deal. My sister(s) kept telling me that it was ridiculous to hire a caterer for such a small wedding, especially when we're all really good cooks. Besides, they said they'll do the clean up too, so that convinced me.

I've also been registering for a few gifts. We really don't need much, but my Mom and best friend said I have to register or people will be confused. So sheets, towels, a few kitchen items (like a really cool dual espresso and coffee maker), that sort of thing. What we really need are yard and garden things. I wish Lowes still did wedding registries, but they're discontinuing that as of the end of this month.

Next, I have to find some hot shoes to rock that dress.

On a side note, I really messed up my back yesterday, and now I'm pretty much immobile. I can hardly walk, and can only sit a certain way. It really hurts. Feels kind of torn and it burns. I've been taking some hydrocodone, which helps, but I really need a muscle relaxer. My right hip is higher than my left hip, and my spine is starting to kind of draw up into an "S" shape. I hate this. I can't get anything done this way. I'm just stuck   >:-(


Col. Hogan said...

Well, I certainly hope you get some relief for your back, and feel better soon!

As for the shoes, Check with the 1st lady. I read that she was seen in a pair of $600 sneakers the other day. How can you beat that?

TWC said...

I know this chiropractor......

He can make your hips line up again

The Captain said...

He sounds like a crack man in his profession.

Chatelaine said...

Thank you, Col Hogan. It's better today. I can walk a little, kind of more like shuffling along. Getting in and out of the chair is still a bitch, though.

But Michelle Obama is the last person I'd get fashion advice from. Those shoes were UGLY! I mean, lock 'em in the closet and burn down the house UGLY.

Chatelaine said...

TWC and Captain.....

Y'all are terrible. Such boys.