Sunday, July 12, 2009

Having a thought....

You know, I used to be so extroverted. I used to be in sales, account management, etc. I used to network. I used to know everyone. I used to talk, talk, talk, and totally put on my game face.

Or maybe I was faking it. I don't know.

But now, I realize I'm really introverted. I'm a home body. I prefer to read a book and work on alone projects instead of group and team things. I like the quiet. If I have to be with groups, I'd rather it be a small group of 6 or 8 at the most, and I'd rather it be mostly close friends. I kind of hate small talk. I like to talk deep. I like to talk about something meaningful and serious, like politics, books, theories, etc., instead of fashion, weather, TV shows, or just "stuff".

I'm a too-intense-for-my-own-good introvert.

Lately I have thoughts about getting back into real estate. I used to be a sales assistant to a really big and important real estate developer in Memphis back in the early 90s. I took the test, had a real estate license, did open houses, and everything. I loved it. I love houses and buildings. I love decorating. I really enjoyed showing houses and offices and helping people find the home or space they needed.

I also have thoughts of running for a county supervisor position in the local government some day.

None of this goes along with being an introvert.

What has happened to me? Sometimes I think I just got tired. Really tired. Looking back on it, I realize my last position, the one I got laid off from, had been making me old for years. I see it in my good friend that still works there. She has nothing in her life but work, and it's making her old and tired.

The Captain being here will help. He never meets a stranger, and everyone around here just loves him. Having him here brings me out a bit. He gets me out and about.

I've also approached my father about going into his business with him and my brothers. I've not said anything about it on here because of my old privacy issues, but my family has one of the largest (and oldest at 60 years) furniture and home stores in the area.

I sort of see me being able to combine that with real estate on the side, a little decorating work, and eventually getting out of my shell enough to get back into knowing everyone, like I used to, and maybe running for that supervisor position several years down the line.

Whew! My mind is running away with me this morning. Must have been that fresh package of Brazilian coffee I opened.


TWC said...

ain't nothin' wrong with bein' a homebody. And it's easier than ever to be one in modern America (with cell phones, cable, internet, and such).

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Hey girl...most sales people are really introverts. Did you know that?

I saw an ad for Haverhill Staging School the other day and I thought of you - I thought - I bet Chatelaine would ROCK at that. And it so goes into the real estate thing.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE real estate. I'd do it all the time if I could. Might be my next full time career, who knows?

Chatelaine said...

TWC, I do think I would like to do the majority of my admin work from home. I like the idea of home as my work home-base. I don't think work will ever be the way it used to be with office and cubicles and everyone getting there at 9 and leaving at 5 again. Thanks to the internet, those days are gone.

I do love home, though. No place like it.

Chatelaine said...

Ok, Janie...sales people are really introverts? I don't know about that one. You might have to elaborate on that for me. I've got to get around to calling you. Ok, that's going on my To Do List this week - Call Janie.

I saw that Haverhill ad too. Gotta admit, it's been on my mind ever since.