Monday, August 10, 2009

Looks Like We Made It

We are home now.

I am so sick of that moving truck.

It's been making a funny noise ever since the west side of St. Louis.

Can't figure out what's wrong with it, but something certainly is.

A piece of it fell off just south of Memphis. Still running, but not sure if it will make it to the truck return place.

We are exhausted. The Captain and I (mostly the Captain) unloaded it yesterday.

Having trouble moving my limbs this morning without looking like my 80 year old Mom.

Had much fun, saw many things. Give me a couple days, and I'll post a few pics and tell you what all we saw.

Sorry, Janie. We didn't go anywhere at all near Texas. You would have definitely been on the stop list if we had. However, we're already thinking of more places we want to drive through in the not too distant future, so maybe Texas and California could be arranged.

I knew the Captain would be bringing more stuff than he told me about. I don't know where it's all going to go.

Maybe more coffee will help. I'm so glad to be in my own chair and drinking my own coffee this morning.


TWC said...

Excellent. Glad the trip was a safe one.

Too bad about St Louis, the Mrs arrives there today.

I put you on a feed so I could keep track better. Gotta say though, your blog only feeds a synopsis rather than the entire post. Not sure why.

smartass sob said...

Already back? So soon? You guys must have driven practically non-stop. Glad y'all had a safe trip.